From the back of the box, it looks like a kitchen lamp, but this one is made of real wood.

    The back is lined with a thick sheet of tempered glass, then the lamp is wrapped in a thick cardboard tube that has been shaped into a bed frame.

    This is the back.

    It’s not the best looking back, but it’s the one I’m going to show you how to make.

    The picture above is an exact replica.

    It can be purchased at any furniture store, but I prefer to go to Home Depot.

    You can buy the lamp from them for around $15.00.

    To make the lamp, cut a piece of cardboard to about 4 feet wide.

    You’ll need about 2 feet of length and a 3 foot piece of wood for the end of the tube.

    Take your cardboard and lay it flat on the table.

    Lay your cardboard on top of the glass lamp, then fold it in half, like a little bow.

    Cut out your desired lamp.

    The glass lamp is going to be on the top of this lamp.

    Then, cut out a circle on the cardboard tube with a sharp knife.

    This circle is going the end, so cut out the end with the sharp knife and fold it over so the end is just under the glass tube.

    Now, place the two pieces of cardboard in the center of the circle, as shown in the picture above.

    Take a pencil and draw lines parallel to the cardboard, making sure they’re parallel.

    Then make sure the end touches the glass circle.

    The end should just touch the cardboard circle.

    If the cardboard end does touch the glass, you’re done.

    Now it’s time to assemble the lamp.

    This picture is taken from the back, so it’s a little bit blurry.

    The lamp is not finished yet, but there’s a couple of things you can do to make it look better.

    First, take your two pieces and attach them to the back and the sides of the lamp like shown in this picture.

    Now take your lamp assembly and place it back on the wall.

    You should have two lamp assemblies on the back wall, but you can make them more than one by making two different sections of the front of the wall and one section of the back like shown below.

    Take the two halves of the assembly and cut the pieces out like shown, as seen in the above picture.

    Then fold them up as shown.

    Now you can attach the back piece to the front piece and the back to the side piece.

    Take both pieces of assembly and attach to the wall using the two sections of assembly shown above.

    Make sure that the assembly ends up on the same side of the wood as the lamp assembly.

    This will help the lamp look even better.

    Once all the pieces are attached, it’s ready to go.

    Take one piece and attach the lamp to the lamp at the bottom of the rear wall.

    Take another piece and put it on the front and back of your lamp.

    Take some glue and stick the lamp piece to both sides of your front and the side of your back.

    Now attach your lamp to your wall and make sure that it’s positioned properly.

    Make a note of the angle at which the lamp should be placed on your wall.

    If you’re not sure, use a ruler or something similar to make sure you’re looking the correct direction.

    Once everything is assembled and ready to hang, you can start painting your lamp with a palette knife.

    First make sure your lamp is facing the correct way.

    Then take your knife and cut a long line across the lamp so that it meets the bottom edge of the table, as you see in the photo above.

    Now lay the lamp back on your lamp, facing up.

    You may need to take a few turns to get it in the right place.

    Now paint a black circle around the lamp and then draw a line across that circle, like shown above in the next picture.

    That’s where you’re going to add your finishing touches.

    The top and bottom edges of your circle should be straight and parallel to one another.

    You want to paint a line that runs along the bottom and top edges of the area you painted.

    Make two more black circles around your circle, one above and one below.

    The circle above should be parallel to where you drew the first black circle, but the circle below should be more than that.

    Use your palette knife to make a little hole in the side with your palette, then add a line of glue between the two sides of that hole, as pictured in the bottom picture.

    You’re ready to start painting!

    Now that you have a lamp, hang it up!


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