The house they purchased in 2012 was a modest home with a few bedrooms, a dining room, and a kitchenette.

    But the family who bought it in 2010 never had a chance to make it livable.

    The family eventually decided to sell it for $1.9M.

    It took Ashley Furnishings years to sell the home, and then they found themselves in a situation where they had to wait for the buyer to finish paying off the loan before they could sell.

    Ashley Furnishers said they did a lot of research before they went ahead and sold the house, but they couldn’t make a profit on it.

    They ended up selling the house for $6.1M. 

    When the sale came down to just the buyer paying off their loan, Ashley Furnishing said the buyer offered to pay off a portion of the purchase price to them, which they gladly accepted.

    They said that while the buyer was happy to help, they were not able to profit from it financially.

    The sale was not a total loss for the family, Ashley said.

    But they said the $1,000 they paid for the house helped cover the costs of the renovations.

    The buyer also agreed to pay Ashley for the first three years of the house.

    The house is currently on the market for $3.9MM, but the buyer said that if they can sell it at the current market price, the sale will net them a profit.

    The sale is still in the planning stage and the family said that it will be in the next few weeks before they will sell the property for a profit, Ashley told The Associated Press.

    “It’s a great opportunity for us, but at the end of the day, we want to make sure we get the house that we want for our family,” Ashley said, adding that she hopes the family is able to get their dream home.


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