“I’m glad to see that they didn’t let me out of the hotel in the first place,” says one of the four women who say they were detained and interrogated in Jerusalem after their hotel was searched.

    The hotel, which was built in 1948, is now a tourist attraction and a landmark for the city, but the men in charge of it say they’re just trying to keep the place safe for tourists and their families.

    They claim they were arrested because of their Muslim faith.

    “I believe the reason they were stopped is because we are Muslims,” one of them, Farah, told CBC News.

    Farah, who says she’s from Iraq, is from Iraq and speaks Arabic, but says she and her husband have lived in Jerusalem for eight years and are American citizens.

    She says she was detained because she is a US citizen and has no right to be here.

    “I don’t believe the American flag should be flying here.

    We were asked to leave the hotel because the flag is on the property,” Farah said.”

    The American flag is not the flag of Israel,” she said.

    But the group’s lawyer, Zainab Shaban, says the women were detained because they are Muslim and had come to Israel for the first time, to visit relatives.

    “We’re not here to visit or do anything,” Shaban said.

    “We’re here to go to a hotel.”

    “The police are trying to make us do things that are illegal,” she added.

    “If you don’t want to pay your bills, the police will confiscate your money,” said another of the women, Saeed, who also spoke to CBC News on condition of anonymity because she was afraid for her safety.

    Both Farah and Saeed say they only brought a tourist visa and a passport for their family members.

    They say they have no idea why they were singled out.

    “They’re going to try to intimidate me,” said Farah.

    “It’s ridiculous.

    I don’t understand how they could be so racist.”

    In addition to the four men, one of their wives was also detained and detained at the same time, she said, and the men claim the woman was questioned and tortured, including being made to lie down on a bed while the men beat her.

    “She said they were going to break her legs and her legs were broken,” Saeed said.

    The men said the interrogators took their passports and were later released.

    “What we’re trying to do is help them understand that we’re not extremists,” Saee said.

    She says she doesn’t believe any of the detainees are connected to the Islamic State group.

    “There’s a difference between extremist Islam and the radical Islam of the Islamic States,” she explained.

    “But there’s also a difference, and there’s no difference between the extremist Islam that the US and Saudi Arabia and all of these other countries are promoting, and what they’re doing in the Middle East.”

    Why are they doing this?

    Because they have a reason to.

    And they have an excuse to do it.

    “The four women were all given access to their lawyers during the trial, but their lawyers have been unable to get any documents or legal representation from the police.


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