Dubliners are “very lucky” they are still in Europe and “just a bit too small” to feel comfortable, a top official has warned.

    Key points:Mr Eamon Ryan, who is in charge of Ireland’s Brexit talks, told the Irish Times that Dublin needs to be “more visible” in Europe, including through its cultural and language exchangesMr Ryan, the country’s foreign minister, also said the UK would need to be more “firm” in its approach to Europe, in particular the Schengen area Mr Ryan said Dublin had to “be more visible” to other EU countries in order to attract foreign investment.

    He said that, while Ireland would need a “more active and visible” role in the EU, it would also need to do more to “take advantage” of the bloc’s rules and be “open, flexible and flexible” about the way it handles the issue of border controls.

    “We have a long way on our own,” he said.

    “If we are to be successful, it is important that we are more visible, that we speak more about the importance of the Scheggen, and that we use our position and influence to bring more people into the EU.”

    Mr Ryan said it was a “tough job” to be a foreigner in Europe.

    “You are not only dealing with people from different cultures, you are dealing with a lot of different political forces and there is a bit of uncertainty about what the EU will do about this,” he told the paper.

    “So you are going to have to be open, flexible, and flexible.”

    Mr Eavan Ryan is in command of Ireland ‘s Brexit talks with the UK, where a deal is expected to be reached by the end of next year.

    But in an interview with the Irish Independent last week, he said he did not see a solution for Ireland until the UK left the EU.

    It would be a new, different set of rules and we would still have to go through the same processes.”‘”

    If we did leave we would have to deal with a different arrangement for the rest of Europe, for the EU’s own citizens,” he added.

    “It would be a new, different set of rules and we would still have to go through the same processes.”‘

    We are not ready’In an interview published on Monday, Mr Ryan, Ireland’s foreign secretary, said Ireland was “very fortunate” it was still in the European Union and that it had “a long road to go” to see the EU more as a “home” for its citizens.

    He warned of the “disruption” of cultural exchanges between EU countries, and said Ireland could only deal with it “when it is clearly in the interest of the Irish”.

    “There is a need for a more active and prominent role for the Irish in Europe,” he was quoted as saying.

    “But it’s not easy, and it’s also not easy for us to do it.”

    The challenge is to make sure that we do not lose out on this opportunity.

    “Irish Independent


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