It’s an old house in Florida that will be put up for sale in a few months, but for the first time ever, the owners of it will be Americans.

    “We had to make a decision that the home was American, and that we were going to be able to use our home in a way that is sustainable,” says Michael Ruppert, the owner of the property, The Land.

    He’s the director of the Florida Museum of Art and a founding member of the Land Owners Association, a group that supports preservation efforts around the state.

    The Land is in the midst of renovating the building, which was built in 1885 and is now the oldest building in the state, and it’s a project that has taken decades to complete.

    It’s not the first building in Florida to have been bought by an American buyer, but it’s the first to be built on the American continent.

    Ruppet, who is also the architect for the Miami Dolphins, was inspired to buy the Land in 2010 when he saw the American flag on a nearby building.

    The flag represents the US and Ruppett said it was an opportunity to put his stamp on the property.

    He decided to take the land and build a new house on the site, using the old wooden structures as a base.

    “You know what it feels like when you’re living here, and when you look at a house on a site that you’re not sure you’re going to live in, and you know that you are, and then you look back and see that you lived in the house, it just feels like a real good feeling,” he says.

    He had already built a home for his wife and his son, but he wanted to give them the opportunity to move out and live somewhere else, so he purchased the Land.

    “This was my house for a while, and I’m not going to make it like I made it on my own,” he explains.

    “So I made a big decision to take it out of the landfill, which is a really good thing, because it’s very expensive to get rid of this stuff.”

    The Land has a large parcel of land, spanning nearly two-and-a-half square kilometres, that it has been using to construct its new house.

    The land includes about 2,500 houses, with each one containing up to 80 units.

    The building itself will be made of timber, with the first floor being used for a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a kitchenette.

    In total, there will be about 60 units in total, with about 15 per unit being designed for families.

    The new house will be built around the area’s natural history, and the Land says it will not only be a “natural” home, but also “one of the oldest homes in the world”.

    It’s also expected to have a lot of history.

    “I think this is going to hold on for the next 100 years,” says Ruppets son, Andrew, who will be working as an architect on the new house and will be involved with the land purchase.

    The home will be fitted out to meet the needs of the family, with a lot more modern design features and finishes.

    Romester’s house, which will be the home of an American family, will also be an American house.

    Andrew Ruppetts son Andrew is the head of a local organisation called American Home Preservation, which aims to protect American history and culture through its projects around the country.

    Andrew has been involved in American Home History tours and has been helping build a US-style house in Texas, which has been in use for many years.

    “American history is really important to us, because we see how the houses have changed over the years, and we are trying to preserve those things,” says Andrew.

    “When you look around your home, you’ll notice that the house that you built in your lifetime will be different from the house you built 20 years ago.

    And I think this project, and this project will be something that will really help us preserve the memories of the people who lived here.” “

    And so we really want to preserve the things that you can remember.

    And I think this project, and this project will be something that will really help us preserve the memories of the people who lived here.”

    The project is not a project for everyone, but Ruppts family says it is “absolutely the right thing for us to do”.

    Andrew Rapps, who works for American Home Heritage, a project of the American Heritage Society, says he is pleased to be part of the project, as the Land has done a “really good job”.

    He says that the owners are “really interested in this project and the history of the place that they’re living”.

    He hopes the new home will also serve as a showcase for American heritage.

    “They are really interested in the history and how it’s being preserved and how we’re able to preserve it,


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