The story of how Bob and Joan Bobs began buying their first home in the Washington suburbs and then selling it to raise money for their son John’s education.

    The couple have now built a business selling used furniture, books and accessories and also make home repairs.

    The house is on the market for $2.7 million and is now up for sale for $5.2 million, with an asking price of $7.4 million.

    The Bobs said they are grateful for the support from local community and the federal government.

    “I’m so thankful that we’ve got a community that’s willing to help,” Bob Bobs told The Washington Post.

    “It’s the only place in the world that we could make this happen.

    We have the support and the love from our family.” “

    We have a home in town.

    We have the support and the love from our family.”

    The family had a difficult time finding a home when they moved to the Washington area from Ohio in 2000.

    The family’s previous home, on the Ohio side of the Susquehanna River, was sold to a family for $3.6 million in 2016.

    It was a tough time for them.

    They had to pay $250,000 for the home, and the money went to their mortgage payments.

    But after two years of searching for a home to move into, they decided to buy.

    “The first time we bought, we thought we’d just go and see the river and go fishing,” Bob’s father, Joe Bobs, said.

    We caught a few fish. “

    But the other day we went out and went fishing.

    We caught a few fish.

    We had a nice lunch.

    We decided to go to the river.

    We saw a great river and we just went for it.

    We took off.”

    They spent three days fishing and spent another two days looking for a house that was nearby.

    They got a house on a hill just north of their new home, about four miles north of town.

    It’s a very picturesque place.

    It looks like a small town, except for a large sign on the front that says, “The town is in the woods.”

    The Bobbs had to find another home that was closer to their current home and they had to do it in the same location.

    “And we didn’t have much to spend on a house,” Joe Bobst said.

    Joe Bob said they were fortunate that the house is still up for rent.

    “For the last year and a half, we’ve been renting it out for people to come over,” he said.

    The two are now building their own small business, the Joe Bob’s Furniture Shop, which sells used furniture.

    They also make repairs and they sell the finished products to their friends and family.

    They’re now in the process of opening a store, but they’re also working on making some renovations to the house.

    They hope to be open by the end of next year.

    The Joe Bob and Sons are thankful for the government support.

    They are trying to raise enough money to help their son and the other kids in the neighborhood.

    “That’s why the family is so grateful to have the local support,” Joe said.

    They believe they will be able to pay off the mortgage in about two to three years, Joe said, adding that they expect to start making some repairs before that.

    They want to build their own home, so they’re trying to do that before the end.

    The first Joe Bob Bob, Joe and his father built the home on the Susquesanna River in 2000 and moved into it a few years later.

    The area around the river is still pretty remote.

    It is about two hours away from a large city in the suburbs.

    Joe and Joe Bob are hoping to build a home near the river for their boys and their families to visit and enjoy.

    They have not yet been able to find a home that is close to the Susquhanna.

    The neighbors have been welcoming the family.

    “There’s a lot of people who are not familiar with the area and who have heard of the family and who want to get involved and see their son or see the house,” he added.

    Joe Bob has also started teaching his son the words to “The King of Pop,” a song by the Bobs’ favorite artist, The Roots. “

    My whole life I’ve had to get up in front of everybody and tell them that they’re not welcome, and I’ve been told by some of the neighbors that I don’t like that.”

    Joe Bob has also started teaching his son the words to “The King of Pop,” a song by the Bobs’ favorite artist, The Roots.

    They learned the words for the song from their mother, who passed away two years ago.

    The Roots’ song, “Don’t Let Me Down,” was one of the inspirations behind the Joe and Joana Bobs.

    The brothers said they wanted


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