In this photo taken Friday, Feb. 14, 2018, Buddy’s Cabinets in Washington, DC, is seen on display.

    The new furniture section, which includes a collection of furniture from local artists and craftsmen, is in the basement of the house and has been open for business since December.

    The section’s first floor is the most popular.

    The home is also the only home in the neighborhood to be listed on, the largest real estate search engine in the world.

    It’s not just the home’s furniture that is being brought into the real estate game.

    Buddy’s Cabinet owner Ashley Dunn, an avid photographer, told Vice News that she was thrilled to open the section in December and is happy to see her house get a little more attention.

    “I’m a photographer, I love the outdoors, and I love photography,” Dunn said.

    “This is something I want to showcase, and it’s really cool to see that the home is coming back to life.

    It’s definitely a positive step forward.”

    Buddys Cabinet is a unique collection of artisans who specialize in making furniture and accessories from recycled materials.

    The eclectic collection includes handmade baskets, vintage-inspired china and glassware, vintage tumblers, art pieces, and more.

    Its not just furniture that’s being showcased, either.

    Buddy’s has a “laboratory of sorts,” where the artist and her team work on various projects, including creating new and vintage furniture pieces.

    There’s also a video room in the home where Dunn can show off her new art.

    Dunn said she was inspired to start the home after her mother died of ovarian cancer.

    She said that her mother would wake up at 5 a.m. every morning and take care of the home, which she shared with her two young daughters.

    She said she and her husband, a chef and home decorator, started Buddy’s to keep her busy.

    She also hopes that Buddy’s will become a destination for people looking to explore artisanship in the United States.

    For more of the best photos from around the world, check out VICE News’ slideshow of the year.


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