Posted November 17, 2018 01:04:00 The 2017 sale has been a big success in Canada.

    In fact, it’s the biggest outdoors sale in Canada’s history.

    That said, the sale has brought a lot of controversy in the past few months, including the banning of certain products, such as cheap Chinese-made products and Chinese knock-offs.

    The main point here is that Canada’s booming economy is creating jobs for a lot more Canadians than the usual economic argument.

    And it’s not just the economic argument: it’s also the social one, and that has resulted in a lot less discussion about outdoor living.

    As the National Post’s Catherine Zane writes: [A] small percentage of the population has chosen to live in a cottage, a tiny apartment or a tent in order to make ends meet.

    That’s a pretty extreme view and one that’s going to have a real impact on Canadians’ sense of safety and security in the outdoors.

    A cottage, or apartment, or tent is more of an extension of a home than it is of a house.

    It doesn’t offer any insulation or ventilation.

    It does, however, have a lot going for it: It’s a bit cheaper to build, it provides a bit more insulation than a house and it’s more open to the elements.

    So for Canadians, it is a home away from home.

    But there are some key points here.

    A large number of people living in small dwellings have no choice but to live outdoors because of the high cost of living.

    But they don’t necessarily have a choice to live there.

    They just have to.

    There are also people who choose to live on the outside because they prefer the warmer weather, or because they have a sense of security.

    While these are legitimate choices, they are not necessarily the right ones.

    One of the key points to note about this sale is that it wasn’t just a one-off event.

    It was part of a series of sales to raise funds for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s (RCMP) Operation Aurora, which focuses on keeping Canadians safe from violent crime and terrorism.

    In Canada, the RCMP’s Operation Aurora has been successful, and its officers have been instrumental in bringing down a number of major organized crime groups, such in Toronto.

    But the Royal Australian Mounted Corps (RAMP) also works with the police to combat violence, and many of its officers are part of the operation.

    But while there is no official limit on the number of RACs (and no specific limit on RAC officers), in the case of Operation Aurora and Operation Aurora II, there is a number that is being set by the government.

    This is the number that will be set by Canadians and their families, and the police will work with the government to determine the maximum number of police officers they need to have on hand to provide protection to Canadians.

    The RCMP and the RAC are doing this to provide the best possible protection for Canadians while at the same time making it easy for Canadians to access services and information they need, to do things they like to do, and to be able to participate in the economy.

    As Catherine writes, “There are more RAC [Royal Canadian Mounting Corps] officers than there are Canadians.

    As a result, the government wants to ensure that the number is reasonable and is reflective of the number who live outside of home.”

    A small number of Canadians choose to stay inside to avoid living in cramped conditions, as is common in urban areas, and some choose to move to rural areas.

    However, a large number choose to remain outside to enjoy the outdoors, which is the main reason why the sale of outdoor furniture in the U.S. has been so popular.

    The sale has raised a lot.

    Many Canadians have purchased outdoor furniture and other outdoor products, and these purchases have resulted in the sale being a success in the United States, where outdoor furniture sales have grown by more than 50 per cent over the past three years.

    That success is due to the U,S.

    economy being so booming.

    But for many Canadians, the sales have come with a lot to think about.

    The Canadian government has also faced criticism for not doing enough to address climate change.

    Many of the government’s efforts have been focused on climate-friendly, green initiatives, such the new national parks and national forests, as well as initiatives such as the Clean Air Act.

    But many people, particularly those living in the North, have seen the sale as a negative.

    They feel that the sale is just another sales pitch by the federal government to increase sales and profits.

    As I write this, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is campaigning for the 2019 federal election and has promised to take a big-picture approach to the economy and environmental issues.

    While the sale in the US has received some attention, I believe the sale could be much bigger in Canada, because the government has been slow to adopt policies and regulations to address the


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