Doll houses, made by Grafton, are often seen in Australia and New Zealand as the latest addition to the house furniture landscape.

    It’s a great example of the trend of simple yet durable, versatile and stylish furniture that is now taking over the home.

    In this article we look at the design and makeover of the Gardner White doll house, as well as some of the unique features that make it so special.

    The Graftons Gardner White is made from a mix of hardwoods and hardwood panels, with the softwood panels on the left being the main colour.

    The softwood paneling on the right side is made up of natural materials such as bamboo, cherry and maple.

    This type of hardwood panel makes it easy to work with as the panels can be easily trimmed to suit the needs of different decorating projects.

    The doll house comes with a soft wood sofa and a wood table and is available with a large bed, chair, armchair, wardrobe and storage space.

    The wooden flooring is also made of hard-wood panel panels, and is suitable for a variety of decorating and design projects.

    There are also a number of different options available to choose from, from a small kitchen with a stove, to a full-sized room with a sink and toilet.

    The finished product can be bought online, and a variety are available in various finishes.

    The flooring on this doll house is the only one that does not come with any kind of decorative trim, as this is usually reserved for other types of furniture.

    This doll house has been designed by a Graftonic designer, who has a background in furniture design and has also designed many different types of decorative furniture for different types and sizes of clients.

    This means that the Graftones Gardner White can be transformed into a variety other furniture and decorating styles, including: furniture and wall decorations for a kitchen


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