The Bobs discount is a new kind of furniture store that’s opening in downtown Portland.

    Located in the former Portland Convention Center space, it’s a place where you can get some pretty good stuff for under $10,000, and where you’ll find some really cute vintage-style furnishings and clothing.

    It’s a great place to spend some quality time with your family.

    But it’s also a great opportunity to shop for the newest and hottest items.

    It might seem like an odd place to shop in, but the Bots are a new breed of furniture retailer that’s just taking off in Portland.

    The Bots’ goal is to create a place for all of Portland to shop, and they’re succeeding at that.

    The new store opened last week, and we caught up with the owners and the people behind it to learn more about it.

    The shop has the same name as the original Bobs Furniture Company, but its the new store that really stands out.

    The company has been in business since 2004, and since then, they’ve added more stores to their portfolio.

    Here are a few of the new ones that they’re currently opening in: A&P Boutique in East Portland, which was the first Bots store in Portland when it opened in May of 2018.

    The store has been open since June, and is now a complete remodel of the old Bots location.

    The second Bots Boutique, also in East Park, opened in December 2018.

    It now has two separate floors and includes a full bar.

    The third Bots in East Burnside opened in March 2019.

    The fourth Bots is in Southeast Portland.

    And the fifth Bots has a new location in downtown, where it will have a full kitchen, and a full laundry room.

    They’re still trying to figure out what their next location will look like.

    The space that the new Bots office is in is one of the first ones in town to open, so the store was pretty much the only one on the street that day.

    The owners are really excited about it, as it’s definitely something different.

    They don’t want to be a boutique furniture store.

    They want to have a big, fun, welcoming space, and that’s what they’ve created with this new store.

    The people who run the Bottos are just amazing.

    They are incredibly nice and open, they have great personalities, and there’s no way you can live your life and not be impressed by the people who work at the store.

    So I think that’s why I love it.

    They have a lot of really nice people there, and it’s very unique.

    I think people will find it to be very interesting and very fun to work at.

    The staff has been great.

    It doesn’t feel like you’re in the same world as a Bobs employee, and I’ve seen so many amazing things happen with the people working there.

    There are always new employees coming in, so they’ve definitely been welcoming.

    They even opened a new branch in downtown.

    The interior has a little bit of a retro feel to it, but it’s actually really modern.

    I feel like that was kind of the vibe of the store before, because they were doing a lot more vintage stuff.

    I’m sure that’s going to continue to be the case.

    They also opened a full restaurant on the second floor in April.

    The food is pretty fantastic, and you can enjoy their wine list.

    They opened a B&B, but I’m not going to spoil it.

    I’ll just say it’s pretty good.

    They started to take orders on April 9.

    And I was so excited.

    The employees are really nice.

    They just seem really laid-back, and really easygoing.

    I’ve been in the store and met a lot better people than the ones I’ve met in the past.

    They seem like the people you’d want to spend time with in a business, but you wouldn’t know that they had to work in a store.

    I know I’ll be hanging out with them all day, and so I’m really excited to see how the store evolves and the quality continues to improve.

    You can see photos of the B&Bs B&Ts on the new website here.

    The stores main focus right now is on bringing more items into the store, and adding more and more great vintage pieces, but that also means that they’ll be adding some new and fun furniture too.

    They’ll have a little store in the B-Ward on the West Side of downtown Portland, where you could get some really cool stuff for that price point.

    And in the East End, you can buy some really nice furniture for that same price.

    So that’s really the future of the company, as they expand.

    The goal is really to make sure that they continue to grow, and have a huge presence


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