A new study finds that cleaning furniture is a common practice among people in the Middle East and North Africa, but it may not always be the best idea.

    The study by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) found that a majority of respondents reported using a cleaning agent after a cleaning, but only half said that they would use a different cleaning agent in a similar situation.

    The most common cleaning agent reported was ammonia, followed by sodium hypochlorite.

    The report also found that most respondents had no idea what kind of cleaning they should do.

    One respondent said that he cleaned his floors with a hand sanitizer and water.

    Another respondent said he used a hand soap with bleach.

    Most people also said that using bleach would only be a good thing for a clean floor, not the entire house.

    The research was conducted by the ISO’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which is responsible for standards for food and agricultural products in the region.

    The researchers said the study showed that cleaning a home is more common than we think, as it is often necessary to clean and sanitize large numbers of items.

    It also showed that some cleaners and cleaning agents are harmful, as the chemicals used may cause respiratory irritation and allergic reactions.

    One of the more common cleaners is sodium hypchlorite, which is often used in the production of paints, sealants, and paints for buildings.

    According to the study, the majority of cleaners are used to remove paint from concrete and wood, and the majority are used on furniture and carpets.

    It is not known what cleaning agents the majority use, but a few cleaners are known to cause respiratory and allergic symptoms.

    A second cleaner, sodium hypochlorite, was reported to cause a respiratory irritation in some people.

    The cleaning agent also can cause an allergic reaction in people with asthma, although the effects are mild.

    It can also cause respiratory illness in people who use other cleaning agents or who have chronic respiratory diseases.

    One thing to be careful about is the amount of time between cleaning and cleaning itself, the researchers said.

    For example, the study found that some people reported that they cleaned their homes for three or more days and were surprised to find that the house smelled of bleach and ammonia.

    In addition, cleaning is often not the most economical way to clean a home, and people often prefer to do it themselves, the report found.

    The people surveyed by the study were divided into two groups: those who used cleaners, and those who did not.

    The cleaners used cleaners primarily because they thought it would clean up and maintain the house.

    They also thought that cleaning was easier than using bleach, and that cleaning would not be harmful.

    The majority of people who did use cleaners reported that their house was clean for one day after cleaning.

    The Cleaners The Cleaner Group used to be the most popular cleaning group in the study.

    The average age of the Cleaners was 46.3 years old, with a median age of 42.2 years.

    The group was mostly middle-aged men, with most people in their 60s and 70s in the Cleaner group.

    The age of those who said they did not clean their homes was around the same, at 32.6 years old.

    Overall, the Cleaning Group was found to be a very small group, with the average age being just under 40 years old and the median age being 35.2.

    The largest group, the Household Cleaners, comprised around 16 percent of the population.

    The Household Cleaner population was mostly white, with an average age over 40 years.

    They were mostly middle to upper-middle-class and upper-income people.

    Household Cleaning was most popular among the wealthier, older groups, which had the highest median age at 42.8 years old compared to the other groups.

    Households that did not use cleaning reported cleaner than those that did.

    The Study’s Findings The study focused on cleaning behavior and cleaning habits in the people surveyed, who ranged in age from 25 to 44 years old in some cases.

    The participants were asked about their household cleaning and household activities, such as household appliances and carpentry, as well as their attitudes about cleaning.

    In the survey, respondents were asked what cleaning methods they would like to use in the future, and how they would respond if a cleaning problem were to arise.

    Respondents were asked whether they thought that they were clean enough to have a clean house, if they were cleaning with cleaners, or if they used cleaners.

    Household cleaners were reported to be cleaner than household cleaners in the previous year, but the difference was small.

    A majority of household cleaners said that cleaning is easier than cleaning itself.

    Cleaners were more likely than cleaners to say that they use bleach when cleaning.

    Household cleaning was more popular among middle-income and upper middle-class people.

    People in the Households surveyed were more often married and have children, and they tended to use household cleaners more often


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