A lot of furniture, especially in the United States, is made in China.

    But the United Kingdom is also home to a significant number of furniture imports from the Chinese government.

    “China has been a very active supplier for the UK, for many years,” said Peter Smith, a professor of economics at the University of Warwick.

    “In fact, there’s a huge volume of furniture coming from China and its state-owned enterprises, so that’s a key reason for why the UK is such a big source of Chinese furniture.”

    Smith, who’s also a researcher at the Economic and Social Research Council, said the number of Chinese imports is “huge.”

    “It’s huge,” Smith said.

    “The Chinese government spends a lot of money, a lot, a good amount of money buying furniture from the UK.”

    It’s the UK that imports the most.

    In 2012, the British government exported more than £3 billion worth of furniture to China.

    The UK also exported about £1.2 billion worth more than that to China in 2015, according to the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics.

    It comes at a time when the UK’s economy is in a precarious state.

    Britain’s GDP is in recession.

    Since Brexit, the U of K has seen a surge in Chinese exports.

    In March, China shipped nearly 7.3 million pounds ($9.4 million) worth of goods to the United Kingdoms, up 12 percent on the same month last year.

    China is a big buyer of UK products, too.

    It’s the world’s third-largest furniture exporter, according a 2014 study by the Royal Institute of British Architects, with a global market share of almost 13 percent.

    In recent years, the number one UK customer has been China, according the Institute for Strategic Studies, with more than 1.3 billion pounds ($2.6 billion) shipped to the country in the last 12 months.

    Smith said it’s not clear why China is the UKs top customer.

    “There are certainly some countries in the world that have a lot less competition,” Smith told ABC News.

    “So maybe the Chinese market is just not that competitive.”

    In the end, Smith said, “I think that the UK has a strong brand, and I think the Chinese people love that brand.”


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