India’s first organic home furniture has opened in Mumbai, India, where it was created by a student and a family with a passion for organic farming.

    The unique home is made from recycled wood and wood pellets and is made up of three components: an organic stovetop, a compostable bamboo bed and a composting toilet.

    The stovetop is made of recycled wood.

    It is made by heating charcoal, turning it into charcoal and adding the wood pellets to a pot.

    When the pot is boiling, the charcoal is collected and burned to make charcoal and water.

    The compostable bed is made with a bamboo substrate that is heated by a solar powered air-conditioning unit.

    The toilets are made with compostable toilet paper.

    The toilet paper is collected from the kitchen and washed in a compost-toilet paper filter.

    The plastic bowl is made out of recycled plastic.

    The bamboo bed is a compost container.

    The students at the Bhopal University in India have created the bamboo bed.

    It is made to look organic and is a gift from them.

    The home also features organic, renewable wood products such as ash and bamboo.

    The home has been designed to be eco-friendly.

    The furniture is compostable and recyclable.

    It also has a compost toilet, which is an outdoor toilet designed for the home.

    The student has designed the bamboo beds to be able to be recycled and reused.

    They are designed to have a low-emission, biodegradable structure.

    The bamboo bed will be installed at the home of the family.

    The school is also launching a campaign to encourage people to use eco-design and create home furniture.


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