I’m a huge fan of the cribs I see on Craigslist.

    They’re so easy to build and take care of.

    You just need a few pieces and a few scraps of cardboard.

    Then you cut out a crib piece and glue it to a piece of cardboard using some of those little cardboard screws.

    That way you can fit the crib inside a cardboard tube.

    The crib is perfect for small babies who need to be able to breathe, but it’s also great for older children and adults who need something that feels sturdy and can be used for several months.

    The boxes you’ll need to get started with a crib include: cardboard box: This is the box that will hold all the crib pieces and the crib tube.

    A piece of foam rubber works great as a base to hold the pieces in place.

    I used this one on the crib in the pictures.

    You’ll need about a half-inch of the foam rubber, a piece that fits snugly around the outside of the cardboard tube, and a piece with a screw on one end that you can screw into the other end of the tube.

    You could use this as a frame for the crib.

    A wooden dowel works well as a support piece for the top of the box.

    It’s about a 1/2-inch wide and it can be folded down into the shape of a dowel.

    A 3/8-inch hole is drilled through the middle of the dowel and then filled with sand paper and filled with a little bit of glue.

    A 2-inch square of cardboard is cut to the right length and the bottom is then glued in place with some sandpaper.

    This is a 3/4-inch thick cardboard.

    This piece of material will be used as a foundation for the bottom of the plastic crib tube, so it’s pretty durable.

    I also bought a piece from a company called “Stuffing” (or StuffingBox) that has a cardboard base that is 4 inches wide and 8 inches deep.

    The pieces are all about 2 1/4 inches tall and about 1/8 inch thick.

    I cut out the cardboard pieces using my dremel tool and glue them together with some glue to create a nice solid base.

    Then I drilled a hole in the bottom with a hole saw and drilled a small hole through the center of the base and glued the pieces together.

    The foam rubber piece is glued on top of that, so you’ll have a solid base that’s easy to clean.

    I bought a few extra pieces of foam from another company called Pinch and Stitch.

    You can buy them in a box or individually.

    I had a couple pieces that I got for free at a thrift store, but you can get them in bulk from Home Depot or Walmart.

    For this crib, I bought two pieces from Pinch.

    I glued the foam on the bottom and glued in a piece about the size of a fist.

    You have to be careful to not damage the foam, because it’s very durable.

    You might want to use a little extra glue because the foam needs to be very flexible to hold everything in place, so be sure to use the same amount of glue as the crib piece you’re using.

    The cardboard is a bit flimsy, so if you try to move the pieces too much, the pieces will fall off.

    The next step is to glue the pieces onto the cardboard.

    If you don’t have a hole-saw, you can use a wooden dowell.

    A drill bit is the best way to get the pieces to stick together.

    This one was a bit tricky, because the cardboard is so flimsy.

    I did a lot of trial and error and found a drill bit that works for me.

    I drilled three holes in the sides of the board.

    The holes I drilled are about 3/16-inch deep and I filled in the holes with sandpaper, sanding blocks, and the plastic glue I used earlier.

    Then, I filled the holes to about an inch from the edge of the bottom.

    I then filled in a hole about an 1/16″ from the top with sanding block.

    The glue used to glue everything is actually pretty sticky, so I just put a little on the sides and let it set.

    I’ve also found that it’s easier to put glue in the middle and then apply it to the top to help it stick together and stay in place longer.

    After all the glue has set, you’ll want to glue a piece on the outside, so that when the pieces are fully glued together, the cardboard will hold the crib up.

    I just used a little sand paper to fill in the hole, and then I used a screwdriver to push the pieces on.

    The sides are pretty flat, so this is all you really need to do.

    You don’t really need any glue on the back of the pieces.

    You may need to sand them down a bit to


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