The collapse of the US housing bubble that started in 2008 and lasted for five years, along with the subsequent meltdown of financial markets, created a crisis that lasted for years, but is now over.

    The crisis has resulted in an economic recovery that is largely based on the housing bubble.

    In some ways, the housing bust has been a harbinger of things to come, and there is much talk about the possible return of the dotcom bubble.

    But there is also much talk of the return of a much larger economic crisis.

    What will it take for the housing and financial markets to come back to normal?

    Here are a few key questions to consider: What will be different if there is a return to normalcy? 

    Will it be a return of pent-up demand for home-based retail?

    Will it be the return to a normal market in which home-buying is no longer the top priority?

    Will there be a reopening of the mortgage market?

    Will people still be buying homes and buying their own homes?

    Will the housing market have enough demand to keep housing prices stable?

    Will rents rise?

    Will interest rates fall? 

    If there is no return to normality, what will the future look like for housing?

    Will rental prices increase?

    Will prices for housing stay low for longer?

    Will home-ownership remain low?

    Will housing prices rise faster than incomes?

    Will demand for new homes be strong?

    Will construction of new homes slow down?

    Will demand for housing remain high?

    Will wages rise faster?

    Will supply outstrip demand?

    Will households continue to be priced out of housing? 

    What are the possible causes of the economic recovery?

    What will the long-term consequences of the crisis be?

    How is the recovery working? 

    Is there a return on investment?

    Are there other factors that contributed to the recovery?

    Is the recovery sustainable?

    How will it play out in the future? 

    Are there any signs that the recovery is running out of steam?

    Will growth continue to slow?

    What is the macroeconomic outlook for the US economy?

    Are we heading for another financial crisis? 

    Should we be concerned about a bubble that is coming to an end?

    What should we be doing about the economic problems we are facing?

     Are we headed towards a recession or a housing bubble?

    Are people willing to accept lower living standards and higher prices?

    What are the implications for the economy?


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