The U.N. general assembly voted overwhelmingly Monday to extend sanctions on Russia over its role in Ukraine and North Korea, and a vote to suspend the U.A.E. from European Union trade is expected to pass.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended Monday down 1.3% after the vote and closed up 0.6% at 23,077.91.

    The S&P 500 index closed down 0.3%.

    The Nasdaq composite was off 0.4%.

    The Dow and S&P both closed higher after the outcome of the vote, with the Dow Jones index climbing 1.7% and the S& P 500 index climbing 3.1%.

    The European stock market opened lower as the U of A. ended a week of strong gains and was down 0,874 points, or 0.9%, to 16,979.08.

    The euro fell to $1.1434, down 0% against the dollar.

    U.S.-listed shares were mixed as investors looked to secure better news on the U, and the Dow fell 2.1% to 18,944.95, the S & P 500 dropped 0.7%, and the Nasdaq added 0.5%.

    The S&p 500 closed down 3.2% to 2,857.21.

    The Nasco composite index was up 0% to 14,865.89.

    The Russell 2000 was up 1.2%, while the S.&amp.

    M.E.-based index was down 1%.

    The DAX index was also up 1%.

    Gold fell 0.1%, with the dollar up 0,2%.


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