Overstock is launching the new toy dolly Rana in the U.S. for the 2018-19 season.

    The dolly is designed for dolls of all ages, but also features features a variety of toys including toys like the original T. Rex, the Toy Story character Taz, the Marvel Super Heroes Tazam and more.

    Overstock said the Rana is a “perfect fit” for children’s toys.

    “Our goal with the RANA is to make it fun for parents and children alike,” the company said in a statement.

    “The dolly features an integrated camera, LED lighting, and a range of features that will make the RANAS experience for parents, kids, and everyone else around the house more engaging and exciting.”

    The Rana comes in a variety different sizes and styles for kids to play with, including dolls, mini and plush versions.

    The RANA will be available in two models, with a 3-year-old model priced at $149.99.

    Other features include a “facial recognition” camera that will help parents see if a child is watching a specific toy and the ability to create their own toys, which is a feature similar to what Disney does with its characters.

    Over the next year, the company is working with toy retailers to introduce the Ranna doll, but no firm release date has been announced.

    Overstocks is also rolling out the new Star Wars Rana figurine in 2018, which will feature the same camera and the same features. 

    Overstock will be adding new toys to the dolly over the next few years, like the Star Wars T.

    Rex and Toy Story Taz dollies, but that is only the beginning.

    The company has already announced that it will soon introduce a new model of the Taz toy for girls.


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